We share our client’s mission and values to provide better innovation, advocacy, and access to those who need it most.


Patient Alliances has worked since 2008 to establish our clients as respected leaders in the industry.

We align with our client’s missions and use our established reputation and relationships in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to improve medicine and patient access.


Brian Garofalo

Mr. Garofalo has decades of combined broad-based and executive experience in strategic planning, policy/advocacy development, sales and marketing, and financial management for major global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical corporations. His access and advocacy career have made him one of the most sought-after patient advocacy industry experts in the United States. Mr. Garofalo established Patient Alliances, LLC in 2008, which aims to provide strategic healthcare alliances and solutions to a diversified client base in the healthcare sector.  


Mr. Garofalo is a cancer survivor himself and is proud to serve on key professional and advocacy boards, including the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Foundation Board, LiveSTRONG Corporate Council, Patient Resource LLC Advisory Board, The National Patient Advocate Foundation, and The Patient Advocate Foundation.

We connect Health Care companies to ensure patients are granted unencumbered access to innovative drug therapies and treatments.