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Lumanity brings together and builds upon a unique and diverse team of 1,300+ deeply experienced industry pioneers, data luminaries, subject matter experts, and proven problem-solvers from exceptional legacy organizations.

With offices in North America, the United Kingdom, European Union, and Asia, and work conducted in over 50 countries, we work with nearly all of the top pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 biotech companies around the world. Every year, Lumanity supports over 50 payer submissions across 20+ countries, launch readiness and commercialization of over 80 brands and new indications, and numerous award-winning product campaigns.

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Cheryl Davis 
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Red Thred Solutions

Red Thread Solutions is a patient engagement consulting firm dedicated to helping biotech, biopharmaceutical, and patient advocacy organizations develop global strategies for using patient voice to guide innovation and increase access to solutions that improve the quality of lives of those impacted.

Red Thred Services are design to uncover deeper patient perspectives and tie them to core business objectives.